The Sweetest Thing


The Sweetest Thing Delicious Handmade Assorted Chocolates. Sweet Africa Collection.

Nadia sculpted each shape by hand then hand-made her original food-safe molds. She made these with real Belgian chocolate and lots of organic and high quality ingredients. They’re vegan friendly, preservative-free and, most importantly, delicious.

She uses chocolate made from mainly West African cocoa beans, mostly Forastero variety from a supplier that reinvest profits into sustainable cocoa farming through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

They are packaged in a black recycled cardboard box which features a gold box print that Nadia drew and carved, and that she prints by hand.

In each box:
1. Heart – Maraschino cherry
2. Beauty – Almond, Almond butter
3. Mask – Maple butter Pecan.
4. I Adore You – Coconut almond
5. Pyramid – Mocha almond maple butter
6. Fertility Doll – Cinnamon Belgian chocolate
7. Ankh– Pure Belgian Chocolate
8. Nadia Symbol – Almond chocolate with Macadamia and Cashew.
9. Abundance – Chocolate hazelnut cream with roasted hazelnuts
10. Africa – Peppermint.

**No milk, honey or other animal products.** Vegan friendly

Made with real chocolate, not compound chocolate found in popular candies