Art Dolls (BJD)

Nadia’s is currently creating new handmade ball jointed doll (BJD) that will be sold as limited edition dolls. These dolls will be beautiful art dolls that will be based on Lady Iyah, a One of a Kind (ooak doll) that is owned by Lupita Nyong’o. Like Lady Iyah, the new dolls will be handmade, bjd, with great care given to her doll clothing, accessories and packaging. Although they will not be ooak dolls, they will be exclusive art dolls.

The upcoming art dolls will be a handmade ball jointed doll (bjd) based on Lady Iyah. Lady Iyah is 14.5” tall and made of pigmented high quality resin. She is painted dark chocolate and blushed with rosy and deep brown pigments to produce a beautifully flesh-like finish. The art dolls will be mixed media sculpture and ball jointed doll (BJD). Their bodies will be made of 20 segments featuring realistic details like carefully sculpted lines on the palms of their hands and fingers. The artist does not sensor her body by removing nipples or vulva. The art dolls will be very poseable; They will be able to sit up straight, cross her legs and have a human-like range of motion at the elbows and knees.

One of a Kind Art Doll (ooak doll)

Lady Iyah

Like Lady Iyah the art dolls will be packaged in a handmade, black, wooden box lined with golden satin. The package includes a detachable wig and a signed certificate of authenticity. Details about how they will look, their clothing, hair, and accessories will not be revealed until they’re released. The body, eyes, wig, clothing, jewelry, shoes and packaging of each art doll will all be meticulously handmade by artist Nadia Francis as a part of The Black Doll Project. Nadia doesn’t work with any manufacturers or casting companies; everything, including molds, is made in her home. As everything is hand-made, it takes weeks to make a single set and no two are exactly the same.

Weight 112 oz
Dimensions 21 x 8 x 8 in